How we make the dream work…

This mission is too big for us to take on alone. The city is too daunting, the cost too high. This is why God designed mission to be done in partnership.

We are linking arms with a phenomenal church and global ministry, Every Nation New York. However, much more support is needed and new partners are welcomed into this Mission.

To establish our family in New York we will need massive prayers & a strong support team. To relocate, gain visas, and settle into NYC we’ll need $50,000 of special gifts. Additionally, $40,000 in annual support, will enable us to cover monthly expenses in America’s most expensive city.

To see a breakthrough in this city where only 3% are practicing Christians, we are asking God for a team of believers who trust in the power of God and His Gospel to change lives and culture.

  • Will you please stand with us in prayer?
  • In addition, will you prayerfully consider investing in our one-way move and start up?


There are at least three ways to partner with us:

    1. Pray. Join our mailing list below and pray with us for open doors for the Gospel, peace in the city, and pray for boldness for us to step into a new move of GOD.
    2. Connect. Introduce us to anyone you know in New York City or who may be interested in hearing about what we plan to accomplish there. We’d love to meet them, hear their story, and share our vision.
    3. Financially partner. This can be a one-time gift or monthly partnership. To partner with us through Every Nation NYC. Click “partner with us,” and choose, ‘Missionaries” > ‘Nathan Lewis’ from the drop menu on the left of the screen.


As you can imagine, we are walking by a radical faith as we uproot our lives and believe God to establish an expanding church of influence in New York. Thank you for believing in us and standing with us. Your encouragement, faith, prayers, and finances will help us change lives and by His grace, change the world.


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“Nathan and Ailsa are two of my favorite people in the world. Nathan is a devoted minister, a great friend, and a fruitful laborer in the gospel. There’s no on one I’d rather lock arms with and work for King Jesus than this man.”
Adam Mabry – Lead pastor, Alethia Church, Boston