The Cost of Living & Moving to NYC

There is a cost to New York City’s unparalleled influence. NYC is continually ranked as one of the most expensive cities to live in globally. My family will move to an apartment high in the air, all of our outdoor space will be shared, and we are happily selling our car and will only use public transportation. These sacrifices are simply the cost of planting a church in the heart of this city.

We know God is not calling us to step into this alone. We’re asking for a team of partners to help us make this leap of faith and thrive in the city. Would you prayerfully consider joining our partnership team on this journey together? 


Moving Costs:

  • Legal & visa fees: $5,000
  • One-way plane tickets: $4,000
  • Shipping costs: $8,000
  • Apartment move in costs: $18,000
  • Furnishing our apartment: $15,000

Total: $50,000

For an individual or church, giving could look like this for the specific moving expenses:

  • 1 Partner giving $10,000
  • 2 Partners giving $5,000
  • 4 Partners giving $2,500
  • 10 Partners giving $1,000
  • 20 Partners giving $500


Living Expenses:

To cover the living expenses on a monthly base, we will need $3,300 ($40k annually) on top of what’s being provided by Every Nation. This could breakdown to monthly partners for these amounts:

  • 1 Monthly partner for $500
  • 4 Monthly partners for $300
  • 9 Monthly partners for $100
  • 14 Monthly partners for $50